madelyn hamilton

January 03,2019
There's Something About January

Yes, there is something about January.  There is not a lot of colour stimulation unless there is an orange sunrise or sunset to reflect upon the soft and relective white snow.  That is excitement!  But rare.  So I need to reach into my internal store of colours, motions and shapes.  I will choose my matrix, most often wood, and adhere some chunks of texture or objects that will relate to my seed of an idea.  

I feel the need this January of 2019 to change some of what I am most familiar with.  I need to force some challenging new ways of expressing paint, design, movement, colour and idea.  It will be exciting and stimulating, the travel to new places.  Repetition is defeating.  I am feeling the internal stirring and the need to move on.  Time will be the marker.

It would be a pleasure to hear from you, the reader, to hear your reaction to my thinking.  Thanks,


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