madelyn hamilton

January 02,2018

I find it a small bit difficult to be nature inspired when I look out at gray skies, white snow, thankfully, and extreme cold, which limits my desire to get outside, and feel, smell and touch my environment.  So alternately, I enter my spacious studio which allows me the visual pleasure of watching and looking at the  thickly treed ravine that slopes from the back yard, and down to the Creek.  I turn on the daylight lights, which are an emotional lift in themselves, and dial up a bit of heat.  I look around, not sure where to begin.

I have found that I need to rework the so called finished images recently shown at a show.  So this is often my start point.  Usually, and because I have learned more continuous, there are small issues, likely noticed only by myself, that need resolution.  This is most often related to compositionlal flaws, as I see it.  I'm not totally happyt to place these works aside until they make me feel complete.  

Currently, instead of starting something new, I bring out pieces that I've struggled with, and attempt to work into them, with colour, texture and improved composition.  It certainly does amount to discipline.  It would be so easy, to simply set them aside as 'lost causes' and go onto a new matrix.  I would rather give the time they deserve, for eventually, anything can work, or be improved upon.  

That's where i'm going now.  ...back down to my studio to persevere with a couple of smaller works that I think I can eventually love, and that will summarize the importance of their meaning to me.  







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