madelyn hamilton

February 12,2015
Foggy In February

Unusually in this country, which currently is warmer than normal, and yet still has a chill in the frozen ground, there is  resulting and continuous fog.  Very coastal, not dry Interior type of weather.  But it has helped me think of new images.

I have many new panels awaiting. They sit there in their blankness, waiting in my Studio for their first marks or textures, which is an exciting time.  But so many ideas at times makes it difficult to begin.  However, the fog in its softness has shown me some new images, for that is what I see when I intently view what is outside.  It is almost time to build a structure upon one of those surfaces. That's a problem also.  How large?  What shape?  What colours?

Currently I have almost, to my satisfaction I say loosely, completed the reworking of a few large pieces.  But first of course, I needed to understand what it was that was not working for me. Most of the time it is the structure.  I do believe I'm close to concluding those pieces.  I am near ready for moving on to the 'new'.  The last step will be to document these reworked and get them onto my site. 

I need to go back to the window now, and peer into the mystery of the fog. 





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