madelyn hamilton

August 03,2014
Water and Energy

Well, finally another blog entry. But I've been busy painting. I'm not sure how it happened, but I see that the various and energetic brush strokes have been a big focus in this last painting. Colour of course. But considering a stream is in constant motion, that energy needs to be expressed...I believe. And then the new translucency that is happening. Of course. When you look into water, you look right through it, at the different shapes below and then, perhaps, partially submerged in it. Stuff gets caught, or snagged. All of this takes time and focus, in order to be what I want it to be. Not so easy, but very exciting once the effect has happened. Further, there is no greater learning tool than repetition, I find. But that is just me. And I want my art surfaces to be that....just me.'The Life of a Stream''

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