madelyn hamilton

July 14,2013
Crunchy, Dry Leaves Back To Life

Yes, and now it is July once again, with the smokin' heat normal to this semi-arid climate called Okanagan, which means Grizzly Bear in Indigenous language. Of recent, I've been poking through the drawers in my studio that hold my treasures. Among those are varied types of plant life once picked off the ground, and over time, lost all their moisture content. I have a couple of huge leaves I collected then dried flat. When I decided to use them, I soaked in water and kind of crumpled them until I saw some interesting forms begin to happen. I then, through colour and texture, gave them a renewed life on canvas, one of vibrant, new colour and lively rhythms. Not so easy to take something dry, brown and crunchy and turn it into exciting colour and forms. But that aside, the leaf idea, such as it is, remains strong in my soul. They did, in past seasons, give life through photosynthesis to the trees, which are critical to human habitat on this planet. And now, by putting a main focus upon them, I hope to place importance upon their purpose, one that goes beyond the annoyance of raking them up in the fall.

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