madelyn hamilton

November 06,2012
Landing Surfaces For Falling Leaves

Where do dropping or blowing leaves fall to? One surface they drop or blow onto are moving creekbeds. They swirl, catch on objects, move with the water and eventually turn colour and decay. All of this is part of nature's seasonal process. I have done a series titled "Rhythms of An Innocent Stream", which you can view on this site. What drops into and onto the flowing or still water is by chance of nature and by humans. Humans are nature also, but are a radical departure from the streams, the wild grasses, the swaying and rustling trees, and more. Humans add to the detritus of the innocent streams, as they travel to their final destinations. Not only then, do leaves deposit themselves onto streams, but people drop carelessly into them objects such as coffee cups, cans, plastics and more. Of course, those items don't enhance the health of the stream waters. They innocently flow, and by no choice, are forced to include matter that belongs elsewhere. This is my concern, hence the impetus of moving this idea onto a waiting art surface. As always, I hope to bring awareness about those places on this earth that begin with innocence, and then become places for human residue.

Rhythms of An Innocent Stream

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