madelyn hamilton

July 04,2012
High water and Streams Running

It is a warm day in July and the birds are singing. Difficult to go indoors to my studio, but that's where I am most creative, with quiet, and no interruptions, allowing the art to flow. Currently I'm working on an 'Innocent Stream' series as you will see on my home page. I feel strongly about the active brushstrokes.

Streams are intriguing and beautiful. The reflections are lovely, unexpected. Their currents often carry surprises. Streams are critical to wildlife and feed larger bodies of water. Their contribution to this planet is essential. I will continue with this series. Fortunately, a creek runs below my home, so I can study and be enthralled by its energy and colours. Look for more 'stream' paintings. I'm a slow painter, but eventually they'll be placed on my site.

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