madelyn hamilton

March 03,2012
Ideas transformed into reality...

I don't paint from pictures. I don't paint from drawings. I paint from a collection of observations and feelings. This is often not easy. As of the last couple of months, I've been struggling with a wood panel 3 ft. by 4 ft. The original thoughts were depiction of leaves floating downward through the air. But that has changed, it now appears as leaves (non representational) floating on water. I really love it, but am still struggling somewhat, although I will say it is beginning to make me happy, revealing finally the truth of my feelings. It also connects to my passion for trees. Trees...that create shelters and homes for birds and other animals. Trees that provide shade. Trees that are aesthetically beautiful. And trees that are thoughtlessly lopped down. So, back to the Studio today. I'm hoping before week's end to have this image posted on my website.
The exciting moments for me now, are to examine the growing things outside, and noting that in spite of cold nights and still snow on the ground, new buds are forming, with lots of green showing. This is nature, informing us that we are entering into a new season.

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