madelyn hamilton

November 02,2011
New Work Just For Me:)

Summer has passed. Snow is dusting the mountaintops, and so my kayak has been stored for winter. The leaves have almost completely blown off my very tall and still surviving Birch tree. It keeps the hot sun off the house during summer months. Now I'm raking the leaves from all of the trees, and dropping them over the ravine, where they will decay and provide nourishment for growing things below. When I'm out there in the wind, raking, I'm observing the ground, the sky, the clouds, and the trees I love. When I am back in the studio tomorrow morning, much of what I've absorbed outside will move onto my working surface. It will never appear in photographic form, but rather, will express the truth of my feelings. You see, the best part shows in sight, only a gain of inventory. I'm immersed in new kinds of brush strokes, vigorous they are, leaving lots of the layers below exposed. I'm pleasing myself, having the most wonderful time. Just creating for the sake of creating. How lucky am I!

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