madelyn hamilton

July 11,2011
Back to it!

Yes, I'm back in the Studio, producing new work. But it's not really for me alone. I've been asked to create 3 new works for yet another Gallery, works that relate to my Women's Issues series, which you can open and view from my home page. They must be ready for the end of this month. Once all is in place, I'll state where they will be displayed. Then I'll load them onto these pages. Kind of fun for sure. Women seem to do everything, and that aside from daily 'paid' work. What do we do? Yes...the laundry, the cooking, the shopping, the child minding, the house cleaning,etc., etc. But yes, there are many good husbands and partners who are doing the same. Moving away from the traditional, which is the focus of my new creations.

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