madelyn hamilton

June 02,2011
..Daydreaming and Wandering..

I have been so busy, creating for various places and timelines. Couldn't understand of late why I wasn't driven to my studio, as usual. Once I read the book 'What We Ache For', by Oriah Mountain Dreamer, many things came clear. This one particular quote explains my 'dry' interlude, which, I know, will dissipate in time. This brief quote can reference writing, dancing, music, visual art. Here it is: "And creativity cannot thrive on disciplined activity alone, needs time to breathe, to lie fallow, to daydream and wander." My next creations, once I'm back in my studio, will be for me alone. That is true happiness. What do you think of this idea, and are you at all familiar with this writer?

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