madelyn hamilton

March 23,2011
A Series, 'Yay'!

Spring has arrived. The snow has melted, at least down here it has. The crocus are peeking through, maybe 1 inch above the ground. But they are a sign of the rampant growth yet to come. Birds are singing, and finding mates for upcoming nesting time, which seems always frantic. I am excited about my new Series of five in total, so far, that relates as always to nature. The trees, which are full of life and colour, are a source of shelter, shade, home, food, and more. Small are these paintings, about 15 x 14 inches. I am using a new medium, so am able to depict the high texture that I find so essential. Look for #3 of the 'Wind Blown Series' which I have almost finished, and already have drawn the design on panel for #4. Yes, so I've just loaded #3 and putting finishing touches onto #4, which is quite different again in colour. That's been the most stimulating part for me...same idea, differing colour combinations. By end of today I should have #5 completed after taking many days to work out my design for it. Then I'll have a long, long look at them all, a week or more, to be sure they make me 100% happy in their completion. Usually not, usually need to change something that doesn't look quite right. Thank you for reading my blog. Madelyn

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