madelyn hamilton

December 24,2010
End of Year

Yes, tomorrow morning is Christmas morning. The snow on the ground helps me to know that. Temperatures are now above freezing, so the amounts of snow that fell are melting quickly. This is a balmy treat, for the more severe weather is on its way. We help nature by placing scattered corn under the front Hemlocks. The Quail, ground birds, and Jays fatten up for those days when they can't find anything on the ground. All of this relates to my creative work, for it's about nature. I look at the shadows on the snow, and the texture on the bare ground under the trees. When the snow falls, I watch the patterns as it blows in the wind. I see the strong motion in the Douglas Firs on the ravine, which are tossed by the wind. I note the disappearing lanscape as grey clouds move in. On the sidewalk where it is bare, I love to view the stained prints that are left by decaying leaves that have fallen. There is so much to see, and I have learned to view my surroundings in different ways. Yesterday, I brought home some of the art that was hanging in Studio 5 Interiors in Kelowna at Banks Road. Next week I'll pick up about 3 from Robert's Framing on Lawrence Ave in Kelowna, work that was on display during his Christmas season Open House. On January 4th I'll take this work, plus more I have at home, and display them in the Kelowna Community Theatre until the end of the month. After that they will go to other venues, which I'll inform of at a later date. I've just completed a vertical panel that is 7 inches by about 53 inches. Very interesting, and I just love it, for it says what I want it to. There are a lot of textured objects placed on it, ones that represent both the human and the wild world that surrounds us. The colours represent those I live with, for the Okanagan area in B.C. is a semi-arid region, seemingly getting drier each summer. Those colours are the mutes, with gold browns, darks, yellows and strong reds, with touches of green. Problem is, when I photo document, it doesn't show well on the site because it is so very vertical. So I'll get images that are smaller details of the whole and that will help. I call it "A Sliver of the Forest". Very telling. I like to pause for thought at the end of each year, to think back on what I've accomplished, what I would like to improve upon, and what I will be doing next. I have more time to ponder all of this, and it will be interesting what I decide. Now it's time to unload my vehicle and place those art pieces that have been elsewhere on my own walls, to enjoy just for a short while. Then they will be out of here again. I always miss them, for they are such a part of me. Thanks for reading...........MadelynWhich Elusive Bay

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