madelyn hamilton

January 31,2010
End of Year Changes and Upcoming Show

This is the last day of January, 2010! We are experiencing typical January Okanagan Valley weather. That would be described as overcast with little sunshine, low cloud, and gray everywhere. But it is not typical in the way of temperature, which has been 'way above average. Days are in the range of 4 to 5 degrees C. Nights have been above freezing or just at the freezing point. The unusual winter offers me new visual stimulation and thoughts about my surroundings. I remain active, walking for an hour at a time each day, climbing hills, playing badminton exhaustively for two days of each week, and.....creating!! Of course, I'm in the studio regularly. Time spent there is random, but always intensive. I've been working for months to have ready twenty works for the upcoming June show in Coquitlam. Funny thing, part way through, my work took a turn in idea. That's quite normal, however. After many years of creating abstract works, I'm now seeing in a more semi-abstract manner. It's been uplifting.

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