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November 02,2009
The Sacred Studio

Tomorrow, finally, back in again to the Studio, a sacred place, where the world does not interfere. I will have many unfinished panels around me, waiting for completion. I do not paint quickly.

Nov. 3 morning The sun was shining brilliantly when I went to my studio. I looked out through the very large windows and savoured my natural appearing and self designed yard, before it slopes into the ravine below. I looked across the ravine at the farmer harvesting his Echinacea crop. Interesting. Then I looked around my studio to decide which unfinished work to focus on. Typically, the one I worked on was laden with texture that consisted of organic objects and actively applied thick gesso. I became involved with the surface. After two hours I knew it hadn't arrived at the feeling I wanted, so will go back to the same panel tomorrow.

Nov. 8 morning. It's gray and chilly, around 6c. Later I'll go out and rake some more leaves, then push them into the ravine where they'll eventually break down into the earth. But currently I'm spending some time studying the smaller painting I worked on last night, feeling it's close to completion. Then I'll photo document and place it up on my site. After contemplation time, I'll load some more pics into my new pages titled 'Photography'. I have decided much of my photography is very connected to the ideas I paint, and would be meaningful additions to the web pages.

Nov.21. 2009 Relatively warm day considering nearing December. The grasses, begonias, even basil and geraniums are still pushing out beautiful flowers. But they are living happily in the small sunroom that faces south Okanagan. Very cheering. I am connected to plant life, nature's forms and growth, so watching this continuing life is such pleasure and aesthetically stimulating. Recently, I repainted areas of a work I have already placed on the site, 'From A Seed'. Wasn't happy with the design, so had to look at it for many days until I knew what was not making me happy. It is resolved, so will document again, and put back on site. Just completing another vertical panel that is really loaded with surface. I have the need to do that. Smooth doesn't satisfy. Then have pretty well resolved a panel that is closer to square, and it has so many organic forms on it. I love it. Will be difficult for anyone to not lay their hands on it. I do have that problem when showing the work, people want to reach out and touch. One woman actually did the sacrilegious by scraping with her fingernail. I had to control myself on that moment, but with large difficulty. So...artists work in spaces devoid of other people. Feedback is pleasingly received. I don't need names, just words. Thank you, Madelyn

Nov. 28 2009. Gray, cold and minor attempt to snow. No problem, cosy inside and lots to do. I'm watching temps in the sunroom, can't let that room freeze. The most beautiful grass I had received as a gift past summer, and is in a pot, is flourishing. It is actually putting out some of those new, fluffy, graceful fronds that have turned kind of a pinky colour. There are small shoots of new green grass beginning to appear. Can't believe the growth, for next week we are into December.
But I have a new series underway. It comes from the idea of tree boughs. They have a rhythm of their own. I love trees. They sustain us, they are beautiful, they provide homes, shelter and food for the wild things, and they take a lot of abuse. So I think I'll give them the press they deserve. The shapes, once on the wood matrix, will have a raised form. Then colour. Of course I will imbed linked objects that speak of the tree bough's connection to this universe. I will be placing the 'boughs' onto several different sized plates or matrix. The only problem is waiting for the thick medium to dry, takes a lot of time, and patience isn't on my list.
Thank you for your interest. Madelyn
Dec. 13 2009 Snowing and warm,relatively, only -4. But tonight dropping to -20c degrees. Anyhow, the roads will now be very slippery, so will cancel my hike up the hills. No worry for exercise, will be on the court tomorrow. Currently then, I'll head down to the studio. I am really becoming immersed in my new 'tree boughs' series. Too cold to document the individual works outside, but hoping for warmer temps in the coming week. Some difficulty with the panel I'm now working on. But it is beginning to say what I want it to. I seem to have ongoing problems with the darkest darks and lightest lights. It eventually works itself out. Sometimes it helps to remove myself from it for a day or so, and just spend the time pondering the problem. Problem, I call it. Not so easy, to know what you want to convey, yet not able to make that happen.

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bob said...
hi, love your work. how slow are you? Nov 02, 2009 08:56
Val said...
Your studio name is so appropriate for the work you do. I find in your newer pieces, a place of peace which is wonderful in these times. Thank you. Nov 03, 2009 09:04
Judy said...
We often race through our days not noticing what is right in front of us. Looking at your work reminds me to stop. There is so much beauty out there. You have captured moments in time. Thank you for what you have given us. Nov 19, 2009 05:18
Ken Johnston said...
Iím so proud of my big sister. Her work reflects the care and concern for the world around her that she so uniquely observes and expresses in her art. We are so lucky to be here for that. Nov 23, 2009 06:01
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