madelyn hamilton

February 10,2017

The snow keeps falling!!  It's very good cardio and strength exercise, with supply of fresh air and a beauteous thing to see, offering unique shapes and delicate shadows to observe, a classroom in itself.  The snow also has a way of restricting the activities one usually partakes in when outdoors, although it does offer others such as perhaps snowshoeing through a quiet forest. It's one of the best times of year to close the door on the studio's isolating space, forget the world, forget the day and the time, and simply become immersed in attempts to express my own personal feelings, ideas.

I feel a great need to create something different.  I am examining and cleaning my pieces of metal and other findings, and placing them upon a surface, in my attempts to give them an arranged sort of beauty. This is different, and takes me to another place of wonder.  I've also brought out the oils again, versus acrylic. I want to work onto a surface, likely wood as I do, and push the paint around with any type of instrument I can experiment with. I am also re working paintings I thought were 'finished', which for me, they usually never are. So I think that while the cold and the snow keep me indoors, I will immerse my creative self into varied places. It is very important to the freedom of the ideas, to forget the marketplace, forget pricing, forget everyone's opinion, and to just work from my soul.

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