madelyn hamilton

January 16,2016
January Grey Clouds and Snow

The 'Tendrils' painting is in reference to a vigorous Snap Sugar Pea seed I planted late summer past and of the 5 I planted, only this one germinated.  It grew vigorously, unbelievably.  Each morning I'd go out to check it, and delighted in watching it grow.  I learned its growth pattern. Two leaves would appear.  From between them, a stem would shoot out.  From that stem, more leaves, and from the leaves came the big, fat yellowish white flowers that would turn into tasty peas.  The tendrils wrapped tightly around the nearest surface of wire or rough board, or even the pea plant itself.  Amazing it was, as I watched and wondered who had created this brilliant design?  The vine grew to about 8 feet.  The plant managed to form 3 peas, kind of small, but it was getting cold.  The pea did so well until the first freezing night. She came through that, but then the snow came and more freezing.  The pea plant needed to become another kind of reality for me, so I started to texture and paint onto a surface.  Eventually, I finished, with the importance of showing the energy of the plant and its vigour.  Sometimes I put my high boots on and slog out to where the plant still is.  Green remains at the top, and with a few wilted looking yellowy white blossoms. Mother Nature is the best of teachers and maker of stunning creations.

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