madelyn hamilton

May 13,2012
Renewed Creative Emotions

As recently stated, I finally have completed a 3 x 4 ft. image that leaves me happy, in that it is as I internally felt. Now I'm creating smaller ideas of that larger. I'm using colours I have not used for a very long time, and loving them. Also, attempting to create life and motion in the images. Formerly, my art has spoken of quiet places of meditation and solitude. Then, too, I'm reworking some that I now am not quite pleased with. I've found fault with them, so feel the need for changes. Not radical change, but change in design, colour and motion. Always, though, based on nature, for that is where everything begins. I will soon document and load the new ones onto my site. I hope you'll be looking for them. Meantime, today, I have the need to redesign the ugly section alongside the house, which has no aesthetics. It will be a soothing place to walk through once the idea has been fulfilled. Back now, to the studio for a time, and then outdoors again. The creative act, whether it be painting in the studio, or designing the outside, allows me feelings of completion and fulfillment. Happy Mother's Day, Mothers. Enjoy your families.

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May 02,2012

I have completed finally the 3 x 4 foot panel. It is full of energy and speaks of nature, making me happy. It is on the home page of my website. I call it 'Rhythms of An Innocent Stream'.

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