madelyn hamilton

October 03,2010
Fall 2010

ArtWalk in Winfield, Lake Country, B.C. concluded two weeks ago. Spread over two days, 7000 people and upwards attended. I felt stimulated by the event and talked to seemingly hundreds of people. Their main question always, was "How do you do this?" Obviously and from what I continue to hear, viewers are intrigued by my surfaces. I cannot explain it all, for visual art is not about words. But I do explain in brief the physical process of adhering my wood panel surface to a wood frame backing. Also, my peripheral edges are not straight lines as shown on these pages, but rather, they have soft and curved edges that speak of the organic shapes and colours of the idea on the surface. At the show sales were accomplished, and other interesting spin offs occurred. I will post on my webpages just where some of my works will next be shown. Fall is so alive in its colour and its sounds and its cool weather. Also, I think the bears have eaten all the grapes on the arbour overlooking ravine edge, so maybe now they'll go looking for the neighbour's apples. Now to my studio, and to rework an unsatisfactory surface and to begin another. 'Windy Rhythms'

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