Detail of 'Ancient Eruptions'
Earth Fragments
'Arid Topography'
Detail 'Earth Fragments'
'Places Along the Way'
Detail 'Places Along the Way'
'Morning Song #1'
'Morning Song #2'
Floating Matter
Another Place In the Sun
'Earth's Varied Textures'
Detail of 'Saga of Sol'
'Footprints Amongst Others'
'Seasonal Changes'
Monoliths, Pebbles Series.
Monoliths, Pebbles Series
'Of Rocks and People and...'
Detail of 'Monoliths, Pebbles Series..
Detail of 'Places Along the Way'
Transparent Layers of Time
'Eternal Saga of Sol'
'Sentinel Over Water'
Balancing Forms
'Spring In Green and Gold'
'Sedimented Layer'
Sharing the Surface With Others
Sharing the Surface With Others