Intricacies of Foliage
'Where the Wild Things Are'
A Vibrant Conclusion
Ours To Care For
'Vibrancy In Motion'
Predictable and Colourful Demise
'The Sentinel'
�Shelter, Home, Commodity�
'Coffee In the Country'
detail 'Upward Spiral of Growth'
'Orange Terrain'
Wind Blown Series #4
Wind Blown Series #2
Detail of 'Upward Spiral of Growth'
'Rhythms of An Innocent Stream'
Wind Blown Series #1
'Rhythms of An Innocent Stream Series #2
Upward Spiral of Growth
Southern  Exposure
'Rhythms of An Innocent Stream Series #3'
(Detail) of 'Shelter, Home, Commodity
Wind Blown Series #3
'The Life of a Stream''
'Solidarity Against the Odds'
Ebb and Flow of Lunar Tides
'Interwoven Elements of Nature'
Running Tide
'Windy Rhythms'
Woven Into Life
Dry, Folding Landscape Series #1
'Detail' of 'Solidarity Against the Odds'
And From a Seed...
 Detail  'And From a Seed'
Free Spirits
Detail 'Free Spirits'
'Landforms, Shards, Life Objects'
Landforms and Shards
Detail of 'Landforms and Shards'
(Detail) of 'Windy Rhythms'
'Vista Lights'
Dry, Folding Series #2
Detail 'Coexistence On Common Surfaces'
'Co-existence on Common Surfaces'
The Soul of a Tree
'Coexistence On Common Surfaces  'Detail'
'Spirits of the Land'
'Dinner and Dance'
'Spring In Green and Gold
Detail of 'Spring In Green and Gold'
'Coffee Series #1
Objects, Fragments and Particles
Detail 'Spring In Green and Gold'